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RSO Publications and Forms
 RSO Publications and Forms

Forms (files are in .pdf format)


Ellis Forms (Withdrawal of Units from the Rental Housing Market)

Landlord Declarations of Intent to Evict

Cost Recovery & Rent Adjustment Programs

RSO Ordinance 

If you would like to read the actual Rent Stabilization Ordinance, search the Los Angeles Municipal Code under Chapter XV.

Mobilehome Parks

RSO information for persons living in mobilehome parks, including the "Mobilehome Park Reference Guide" to the RSO. Read the Mobilehome Parks bulletin.

Bulletins on Rent Stabilization Topics (files are in .pdf format)

  • RSO Notification
  • General Information
  • Foreclosure Eviction Moratorium 
  • Resident Managers as Tenants  
    • Is the resident manager's unit subject to registration?
    • When is a resident manager also a tenant and, therefore, subject to the RSO?
    • Is the manager-tenant subject to the automatic rent increases allowed under the RSO?
    • What is the rent for a manager-tenant unit on termination of the person's employment?
    • Does the resident manager have the right to review the previous rent records used to calculate the rent for his unit?
    • Under what conditions may resident managers be evicted?
    • When is a manager-tenant's rental unit decontrolled for re-rental at any level?
    • Can an existing manager-tenant be evicted for a replacement resident manager?
    • When is a manager-tenant eligible for relocation assistance?
    • What are the reasons, subject to the RSO, for which a manager-tenant can file a complaint form with the Rent Stabilization Division?
  • Allowable Rent Increases 
    • Automatic adjustments 
    • Current annual increase 
    • Adjustments approved by Rent Stabilization Division 
    • Rent level after a vacancy
  • Capital Improvements Bulletin 
  • Evictions for Occupancy by Landlord, Landlord's Immediate Family or a Resident Manager
    • Procedure
    • Relocation assistance
    • Rent level after an eviction for immediate family
    • Penalties
  • Foreclosures in Rent Stabilized Properties   
    • Tenants rights in Rent Stabilized foreclosed properties.
  • Evictions, Legal Reasons for in the City of Los Angeles
    • Rent Stabilization Ordinance Section 151.09 - Evictions
    • Three-Day Notice
    • 60-Day Notice
    • 120-Day Notice
    • Unlawful Detainer
  • Relocation Assistance 
    • What is the effective date of the Ordinance requiring relocation assistance?
    • Under what conditions must landlords provide relocation assistance?
    • Are there any exemptions from relocation assistance?
    • Who is eligible, when, and for what amounts?
    • How shall payment be made?
    • How do I set up an escrow account if I choose to do so?
    • On what basis does a tenant file a complaint, and how?
  • Referrals
    • Contact information for agencies who may assist with problems not covered under the Rent Stabilization Ordinance
  • Additional Tenant Increase 
    • What is an additional tenant?
    • How much is the additional tenant rent increase? 
    • Are there any exemptions to the rent increase?
    • Can a landlord refuse to allow an additional tenant?
    • When may the landlord increase the rent?
    • What happens if the additional tenant vacates the unit?
  • Payment of Interest on Security Deposits 
    • What is a security deposit?
    • Under what conditions must landlords pay interest on security deposits? 
    • How does the landlord determine the amount of interest and what is the amount required to be paid? 
    • What are the interest rates for prior years? 
    • When did interest on security deposits start accruing? 
    • How and when is the payment of interest on security deposits to be made?  
    • May landlords still exercise their own discretion in investing security deposits? 
    • What happens if a tenant is not paid interest? What action may the tenant take to recover the amount owed?
    • Who may I contact to learn more about Section 1950.5 of the California Civil Code?
  • What Should I Know Before I Rent?  
    • Prior to renting
    • Frequently asked questions about renting 

Prepared for HCIDLA by David Paul Rosen & Associates, March 2003.

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