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 Affordable Housing Preservation Program (AHPP)

 Affordable Housing Preservation Program (AHPP)

Outreach and Education

The Affordable Housing Preservation Program provides outreach and education to property owners, management companies and tenants in various methods. 

Owners/Property Management Companies:

  • Provide federal, state, and local notice requirements and compliance information.
  • Provide information on the options available.
  • Work with owners and property management companies to assess alternatives that can maintain affordable rents.
  • Provide assistance in renewing or terminating a housing subisdy or covenant to ensure effective and timely communication with tenants and other stakeholders.
  • Match owners with preservation buyers when an owner chooses to opt-out.
  • Attend or assist tenant meetings on affordability requirements and physical condition of a property.


  • Work with tenants, owners, and management companies to ensure tenants are notified of major changes to the rental rates.
  • Provide tenant outreach at properties when owners decide to terminate a property's affordable rents.  Provide property information on affordable restrictions.
  • Attend tenant meetings related to rental restrictions or physical condition of a property.
  • Provide information on how to obtain repairs or file complaints with the appropriate City agency.

Affordable Housing Industry:

  • Provide affordable housing data.
  • Provide information on possible preservation sales and acquisitions.
  • Participate in industry groups or events related to the preservation of affordable housing.
  • Conduct trainings and provide information related to affordable housing preservation.
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