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 Map Room

Data and Geospatial Analysis Program (DGAP)

The Public Policy and Research Unit conducts demographic data and geospatial analysis on local policy and programmatic housing and neighborhood investment issues to inform strategic decision making for the HCIDLA's General Manager and Executive Management Team.

List of Services

  • Preparing Raw Data for tabular analysis and/or for GIS (Geographic Information Systems).
  • Analyzing Data within Excel, Access or GIS.
  • Organizing and sharing data within an electronic infrastructure for collaborative purposes when necessary.
  • Generating customized reports using subscription services such as ESRI Community Analyst and PolicyMap.
  • Visualizing data by creating tables, paper maps, connecting to interdepartmental viewer, or performing live interactive mapping using Google Earth or ArcExplorer.
  • Writing about the findings of the data analysis within a narrative format.

Recent Map Examples:

2013-2017 Consolidated Plan: Community Participation and Planning Process

  Narrative Description of Map Data
   - Central L.A.    - East L.A.
   - Harbor    - North Valley
   - South L.A.    - South Valley
   - West L.A.    - Los Angeles Citywide

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