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 Cost Recovery and Rent Adjustment Programs

The Rent Stabilization Ordinance offers three programs that allow owners to apply for rent adjustments to recover the cost of improvements to their rental properties. Each link below provides program information and an application.
  1. Capital Improvement Program 
  2. English Online Interactive Application (Please review the Program information before starting application on line. Aplicacion Interactivo (Por favor revise la información bajo el #1 antes de empezar con la aplicación.
  3. Primary Renovation Program
  4. Rehabilitation Work Program  

The Just and Reasonable Rent Program. The Just and Reasonable Program allows landlords to apply for a permanent rent adjustment when net operating inome from an RSO rental unit has not kept up with inflations.

 The RSO also offers two programs that allow owners to request cost directly from tenants for the installation and/or replacement of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms by following the instructions on the following bulletins:

    1. Smoke Detector Bulletin

     2. Carbon Monoxide Alarms




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