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Land Use Covenants/Mello Act
 Land Use Covenants/Mello Act

 Land Use Covenants / Mello Act

The Environmental and Land Use Services Section of the Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department (HCIDLA) prepares and records Affordable Housing Land Use Covenants when an owner has received a land use concession from the City of Los Angeles or is subject to a City ordinance or law that requires an affordable housing set-aside.  The Section determines replacement units required for Density Bonus projects subject to AB 2222. Aside from covenant preparation, the Land Use Services Section prepares and issues Mello Determinations for projects that involve conversion or demolition of residential units located within the Coastal Zone, collects condominium conversion fees, as well as provides clearance for every conversion or demolition of Residential Hotel units. 
Land Use Covenants
               Land Use Covenant Application
               Land Use Covenant Application pdf
               Application Attachments:
                              Current Property List
                              Table of Rental Units
                              Table of Purchase Units
               Land Use Covenant Preparation & Monitoring
               Land Use Covenant Checklist
               Affordable Housing Incentives Guidelines
AB 2222 Determinations
               AB 2222
Mello Determinations
Land Use Rent-Income Schedules
The applicable Land Use Rent-Income Schedule depends on the type of project. The assigned Analyst will make the final determination. The following are the most commonly used Rent-Income Schedules. Please note that they are updated annually.  For questions about these Schedules, please contact Occupancy Monitoring staff at 213-808-8806 or 
               Schedule 1 (HUD Gross)

Income Certification

Go to the following link for documents required for the income certification of renters and buyers of units that are income restricted under Land Use Covenants.  HCIDLA’s Occupancy Monitoring Section handles income certification.  For questions, please contact Occupancy Monitoring staff at 213-808-8806 or

Income Certification Documents
Residential Hotel Units – Land Use Clearance
               Residential Hotel Ordinance
               Application for Residential Hotel Clearance
Condominium Conversion Fee
City of Los Angeles Municipal code 12.95.2 requires a condominium conversion fee payment of $1,492 for each unit in a residential or residential to commercial/industrial conversion project. This condominium conversion fee is paid to HCIDLA and is deposited in the Rental Housing Production Account.
The City Planning’s letter for the Vesting Tentative Tract will require the condominium conversion fees under the heading “Department of City Planning-Standard Condominium Conversion Conditions.” Prior to recordation of the final map, the owner is required to make the fee payments to HCIDLA under this section. For information, please contact Marites Cunanan at 213-808-8843 or
Playa Vista
Casa Gateway
               HCIDLA Rent Stabilization Ordinance Information
Building and Safety
City Planning Department


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