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 Systematic Code Enforcement Program

SCEP (click to see video)

SCEP (pronounced "skep"), requires that multi-family rental properties with two or more occupied units be inspected on a periodic basis. Inspections are done to ensure that the units are safe and habitable.

For more information about the Systematic Code Enforcement Program, call the Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department's Information and Complaint Line at (866) 557-7368.

Inspectors from the Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department schedule each property for a thorough inspection and those properties that do not meet City and State codes are cited. Inspectors identify habitability problems which fall under Section 1941.1 of the California Civil Code or the Los Angeles Municipal Code.

The Department attempts to provide a 30-day notice for scheduled inspections. Shorter time frames may be imposed for properties referred by an inspector or other enforcement agency. If the inspector finds that a property does not meet City and State codes, a "Notice to Comply" is issued. Property owners are given 30 days (or less depending on severity of the violations) to have the needed repairs completed. A re-inspection is done to verify that the corrective work was done.

If deficiencies are not corrected in the time specified on the Notice to Comply, the owner will be summoned to an administrative hearing (known as a "General Manager's Hearing") to determine the reason for non-compliance. Based on the determination and the Los Angeles Municipal Code, the owner may be required to refund the Department for all inspection and administrative costs after the first re-inspection. The Hearing Officer may also determine that the case be recommended for criminal prosecution. Other enforcement measures include Rent Reduction, Rent Escrow Account Program, and Property Management Training classes.

A tenant does not need to wait for the regularly scheduled inspection if a unit or common area needs repairs that the property owner is aware of, and fails to make. In such cases, a complaint may be filed with the Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department. Tenants cannot be evicted for filing complaints, and there is no fee for filing a complaint.

Property owners are charged $43.32 per unit, per year whether or not the units are inspected during that year. The fee is paid to the Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department once every year. The fee covers a rental housing habitability inspection and one re-inspection if a Notice to Comply is issued. Additional fees may be charged for owners who fail to comply and cause the Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department to incur additional staff time and costs for services.

For information on preparing property for inspection, please read Preparing Residential Property for Housing Habitability Inspection (.pdf).

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