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 Affordable Housing Preservation Program (AHPP)

 Affordable Housing Preservation Program (AHPP)

Affordable Housing Preservation Resources

 AHPP Brochure
  • Program brochure - English  
  • Program brochure - Spanish

AHPP Administrative Manual


  • Manual summarizing the AHPP Administrative (under review)

AHPP Report

  • AHPP Staff Recommendation Report

LAHD Affordable Housing Roster


  • The LAHD Affordable Housing Roster contains properties that have been built or rehabilitated with public funding, created through land-use concessions, or with other local, state and federal financing.

Guide to Affordable Housing in the City of Los Angeles


This guide is intended to provide a general description of the types of affordable housing programs in the City of Los Angeles.  It provides information and internet links to available list of properties. The list includes properties that received public financing in order to maintain affordable rents.


  • At-Risk Affordable Housing Resource Guide

Housing Curriculum


Building Healthy Communities 101: A primer on growth and housing development for L.A. neighborhoods. This online curriculum was developed to help members of the public better understand the circumstances, issues and potential solutions to the problem of housing affordability and growth in Los Angeles. Here you will also find general LAHD affordable housing data. 

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